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Best of Ko - C for 2020 - top songs

 All fans of Ko c can bear with me that this year 2020 has been a good year for his music carrier He had the chance to collabo with a variety of artist some upcoming and some already of statues. Not forgetting his singles which still made the hits.

As you would expect, all of his songs were highly loved by fans, followers and all who listened. In this article, we will be looking at the top best songs of Tzy Panchack for the year 2020 that made the hits and that was loved by many.

Top songs by Tzy Panchack for 2020

1. Ko c - Caleçon

Caleçon by Ko c  released about two month ago has so far been one of the most loved by fans with over 4.5m  views on youtube. This song featured Coco Argentee

Watch Caleçon by Ko c ft Coco Argentee below 

2. Ko c - Mon Pala Pala

Mon Pala Pala by Ko c  released about 6 months ago was received with much love by fans. Are you looking for a great song to dance to the beats? Then Ko c - Mon Pala Pala is the perfect choice. 

Watch Ko c - mon Pala Pala  video below.

3. Ko c -  Ghana must go 

Ghana must go by Ko c is also another of his songs for 2020 that many fans have embraced. Released about 3 months ago, this song already has about 400k views on youtube. 

This song featured Cleo Grae, Banye, Kikoh and kking kum.

Haven't watched Ghana must go by Ko C yet? Watch video below

4. Makon -  Hossana Ft Ko-c

Makon - Hosanna FT Ko-c[ Official Video ] Ko-c Official · 283167 views Jun 12, 2020

One Touch Entertainment star artist Makon joines forces with Power House Entertainment artist Ko-c to deliver this lovely body of work titled Hosanna. Makon and Ko-c are here to pass out a message of hope to Cameroonians and the public be it old or young. Not really acting as a solution, but as motivation to those who feel like giving up!

 Hossana by Makon - released about 9 months ago featured Ko c

Watch video of Makon -  Hossana Ft ko-c below

5. Ko - c - president du Rap-republique 

Finally, this song released by Ko - c about 5 months ago has been one of his good singles for this year 2020. Watch video of Ko - c president du Rap-republique Below


 And that's it!. You have the best songs of Ko - C for 2020. Which of these songs by Ko c for the year 2020 is your best? Leave your comments below and don't forget to share.


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