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See pictures of 55inche TV set Winner of Camwinlotto weekly eliminator giveaway for Biggy 237

Tzy Panchak- Energy (lyrics) Ft Ko c

Here is the lyrics for Energy by Tzy Panchak and Ko c. Click the the video to watch the animated. Watch on YouTube Na who done send make them bolle me Nobody know so, papa only you know oh You be ma friend or ma enermy Nobody know so Papa only you But pawpaw weh go ripe Go surely get for ripe There's nothing you can do tu parles des choses qui on dit que Chako na the man of the people Par de choses que On dit que What is this energy We could be Family boy you choose for chowe sand sand  for ma garri make I go hungry What is this energy We could be Family boy you choose for chowe ngambe for ma door Make I no prosper Allez allez Allez allez mais continue de parler si ça te fait du bien Allez allez Allez allez mais continue de parler si ça te fait du bien Alright what kinna energy you giving You wanna teach every your hatter do the love preaching I no fit go drive far for bush when pot di born for kitchen Forget yourself, forget the pride di

Tzy Panchak - Energy ft Ko C video and lyrics Explanation

Tzy Panchak - Energy ft Ko c Audio  Tzy Panchak has released a brand new song titled Energy.  Ko C is also featured in this song. Download mp3 song for Energy - Tzy Panchak ft Ko C now and enjoy. Tzy Panchak - Energy ft Ko c video With this latest release for Energy mp3, a video was also released. Watch video below. Energy by Tzy Panchak song lyrics Explanation. You can tell that this latest release by Tzy Panchak ft Ko c is really a good song just by getting the good Melody. Besides that, the lyrics of this song are also inspiring like Tzy Panchak said. In the beginning, Tzy Panchak also assures those that he claims "have been sent" that they can't stop his star from shinning - "Pawpaw must ripe" he said. However Tzy calls on you to be Family with him 🙂 instead of going against him. Energy by Ko c song lyrics Explanation. Just like Tzy Panchak, Ko c also came up with some very simple but good rap Melody. Like Tzy, Ko

Biggy237 - Mr Leo reacts after the house entry party. See what he said!!!

Mr Leo artist took to his Facebook page to react on his feelings about biggy237. He said Biggy237 is a huge venture which carries the name and reputation of our country. This means US ALL. First thing I wanna do is applaud the organizers for taking upon such a challenging venture. Also, Mr Leo indirectly spoke to those who criticized the entry party to the biggy 237 house. He said  Secondly I wanna applaud every Cameroonian supporting or criticizing the project. I believe it's all out of love and concern. He further says I believe every Cameroonian wants to see the country represented with honor and class. This means we want to see every project coming from Cameroon meet and why not exceed world standards. We all stand to lose when projects from our country become a laughing stock reason why we see many of our brothers and sisters getting emotional and taking this personal. It's a good thing. We have seen other countries do it big. Why not us?

Biggy237 - One day to go!!! This is what you should know

Yes yes!!! you got that right!! Biggy237!!! One day to go. The day we have all been waiting for is finally closer than we can imagine. While it's important that we wait, it's also important that we know what is required of us and little details. Before we get started, I'll just like to assume some of us are new to the biggy237 concept. If that's the case, you can see this brief  article of what biggy 237 is all about  or you can always find more information at In one sentence, Biggy237 (big brother Cameroon if you may think of it that way) is a concept like big brother Naija but guess what!! An even better version!! So tomorrow, biggy 237 contestants will get into the biggy 237 house where they will be there for about 3 months. After this time, the winner will get 10,000,000 million fcfa and other prices . What's actually exciting is that this is the first episode of biggy 237 and as we can all see, if taken seriously will be a "game chan