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SHOCKING DISCOVERY!! "PASTOR JOB" Ranks the second highest paying job in Nigeria.

Being a pastor is now a good source of income. In Negeria, according to infopedia, pastors are the second highest paid people after business people. According to them, being a pastor is one of the highest paying jobs in the country.  Pastors in Nigeria are one of the richest in the country and rank high in terms of wealth when compared to other preachers in other parts of the world They go further to say "if the lord had chosen you to preach his word in Nigeria, and you are deligent on your work, then your wallet will not go dry. What do you think about this? Share your thoughts in comments section References

Official Replacement Of The Franc CFA with a new currency- jprimegist

President Draman Allassan Ouattara has officially announced the replacement of the Franc CFA, with a new currency EC in West Africa. How ever, observers say the presence of France around the new currency EC0, means ECO will not bring any meaningful independent change in the economic development of the member states. Some say the change from Franc CFA too ECO is just at the level of the name, as the new currency remains attached to strings from France. During a joint press conference in Ivory Coast, the French President Emmanuel Macron called on, resistant west African Economies like Ghana, Guinea, Sierra Leone and others to accept and adopt the new currency. What do you think?

Give meaning to numbers when talking of developments- H.E Paul Kagame says

"When we talk about development, we should give meaning to these numbers we keep talking about . When we say 12% growth, they're not just numbers, they reflect people, and how their lives are being affected. When we say that our economy has been growing, we should ask ourselves questions like; do more people now have clean water? Do they have electricity? Do citizens have access to banking services, bank loans at good rates? Our security and stability results from the fact that our development numbers reflect the reality of our people's day-to-day lives. Our citizens should have something in their pockets and be able to put food on their table. Development doesn't only mean moving from walking barefoot to wearing shoes. It means reaching a level where you are able to make the shoes you want to wear." Chairman Kagame remarks at the 14th RPF Congress | Kigali, 21 December 2019 Should some African presidents not learn from H.E Paul K